Louis CK’s HORACE AND PETE is the much needed, and somewhat delayed, artistic kick start to 2016 . Perhaps the muses were too busy mourning the loss of so many great artists at the beginning of the year. They finally realized it was the time for something new.

HORACE AND PETE is hard to pin down. It deals with extremely serious issues such as mental illness, family loyalty, abandonment, turrets, gentrification, adultery. It’s hard to know what to think at times. Nothing Louis CK has done prior has prepared us for his newest offering. The key here is the show’s humanity. It helps to make the characters more palatable and ultimately recognizable. There is an odd combination of the spontaneous and the mundane that recalls real life.

Currently there is no better cast than on HORACE AND PETE. Who could have ever imagined Jessica Lange or Alan Alda to be on a show with Louis CK.  Neither actor plays a typical TV character and both seem to revel inhabiting these fully drawn souls. Lange seems to only get better in her career and was sorely missed on last season of AMERICA HORROR STORY. Alda all but steals the show as the foul mouthed bar keep. His work here reminds me of his stage work which is stellar. The rest of the cast is working at the top of their craft including Steve Buscemi, Edie Falco, Aidy Bryant, Steven Wright, Rebecca Hall, right down to the smallest part.

imagesimages (2)

Kudos to Louis CK! He made the show he wanted to make. He distributed it the way he wanted.  From all angles HORACE AND PETE seems admirable, forward thinking and fodder for the hungry viewer.





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