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My practice teaches impermanence; in fact it stresses the point. Nothing lasts so we should appreciate every moment as the end is inevitable. For some reason I didn’t think this applied to David Bowie. His influence has always been there for me from when it mattered to now.

On Valentines Day of 1973, I saw David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars at Radio Music Hall:NYC.  My friends Siobhan and Alice who accompanied me, were as we believed, the three biggest Bowie Fans in the world. Each of us had a bedroom wall devoted to pictures of Bowie. We referred to him with a slurred one worded “DaveBowie.” Had anyone corrected us we would have sworn we said “David Bowie” but we knew what we were saying and, I guess, it made us feel connected.  All three of us were FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. The show was so earth shattering that we returned the next night and scalped tickets.  I think we all held our collective breaths for those two days.

The three of us continued our obsession and saw The Diamond Dogs Tour in Boston and twice at Madison Square Garden, we saw five out of seven nights back at Radio City Music Hall for The Young Americans Tour, the Garden for The Station to Station Tour. I’ve seen several subsequent shows with the last time being two nights of the Bowie/Nine Inch Nails Tour at the Forum in L.A.  I never saw David Bowie live where he wasn’t the consummate performer.

When this type of passing happens all of a sudden parts of your life flash by. For me there were so many live moments, listening to HUNKY DORY, ZIGGY STARDUST and ALADDIN SANE as a teen and being positively transported, seeing Bowie in THE ELEPHANT MAN at the Booth Theatre on Broadway and crying at the end. There are so many memories for me tied to David Bowie.  His influence on my life is beyond record.  He was a God for me when I was growing up and Gods are Immortal.



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