The Go-To Movies


We all have them; those films we go-to over and over again. Go-to movies are not necessarily classics but they sure seem like one when your watching them.

My comedy go-to movie is ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES. The 1993 sequel is a brilliantly written and acted comedic masterpiece. Paul Rudnick’s script has so many laughs and gags that no matter how many times viewed there seems to always something new to see or hear.

Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia were born to play Morticia and Gomez. Julia’s performance is one of incredible grace and beauty. His scene with Nathan Lane at the Police Station is a zany comic highlight. Huston is a study in hysterical stillness. The remaining cast are all strong: Christina Ricci is an unforgettable Wednesday, Christopher Lloyd is superb as Uncle Fester “It means to rot”, the always wonderful Carol Kane as Grandmama and Joan Cusack as Fester’s killer wife. Cusack almost steals the film with her delicious character.


Go-to movies serve a purpose that is dependable. They can be useful to revisit any emotion, as if on cue. The average of genre choice would most likely sway towards the comedic, but doubt there have been any studies done on the subject. In the case of ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES it is simply to laugh.


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