Cramming It In At The End of The Year


A cold, rainy weekend in Los Angeles is rare but it’s a great time stay inside and watch movies and TV.


Binge watching can have it’s set back; instead of spacing out the show and pacing myself, I can blow through a series in a couple of days. One day this weekend I watched six episodes of Netflix’ MAKING A MURDERER and the final four the next day. It is a shattering American epic of injustice and a great work of investigative film making. Don’t miss it.


There’s nothing like watching a movie set in the cold and being all warm and cozy at home. Warm and cozy are the last words you would use to describe THE REVENANT.  This is a wild film and quite a feat of film making. It is also an extremely violent and relentless film. You are taken for a ride and are spent at the end.  Does that make a good movie? I don’t know, I squirmed but I had fun.


JOY is an extremely likable film. It being a David Russell film though, it is filled with crazy people acting crazy. This isn’t YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU and he is no Kaufman or Hart. This just couldn’t have been what it was like for the real Joy. Despite reports of miscasting, I found Jennifer Lawrence charming in the part and was rooting for her character. Even with its problem of tone and well, reality, I enjoyed the film and all those crazy people too.


SICARIO could have benefited by it being about ten minutes tighter. This is solid action thriller that is padded-out with two many shots of convoys, one or more too many supposed scenes of introspection and too many unbelievable situations. Had the film played it a bit more straight the tension would have been unbearable. As it is, too many moments seemed drawn out and slack.














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