Best TV Show of 2015 – FARGO:Season Two


The second season of FARGO was the Best TV Show of 2015. Every Monday for the last few months I’d get excited knowing there was a new episode that evening.  The confluence of talent operating on FARGO was seamless. This was one of those rare incidents where everything clicked making the second season of FARGO rank right along side with the best TV has ever offered such as SIX FEET UNDER and THE SOPRANOS.

The acting on both on both sides of the law was glorious to watch. Patrick Wilson deserves much more recognition than he receives. He is a consistently good actor doing solid work here. His scenes with his wife, played by the wonderful Cristin Milioti, were lovely and heartfelt. Ted Danson as Milioti’s father and Wilson’s partner is a multi-layered character played with grace and knowing. Jean Smart gives the performance of her career as the matriarch of a group of miscreant sons only a mother could love. Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons, as the ill-fated butcher and his Lady Macbeth of a housewife, were brilliant and heartbreaking. There were so many other great performances throughout the season including Bokeem Woodbine, Brad Garrett, Jeffery Donovan, Adam Arkin, Nick Offerman, Kieran Culkin and there was even Bruce Campbell as Ronald Reagan.

There has been much talk lately of this being a “new golden age” for television with the quality being very high.  The second season of FARGO sets the bar even higher. Unfortunately, we have to wait until 2017 for season three.





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