By The Wayside – Part Four

One of the best films of the year seems destined to be one that is forgotten.


BONE TOMAHAWK is the best Western since 2005’s THE PROPOSITION and surely, the most violent oater since the infamous bloodletting of THE WILD BUNCH.  Some may find the film a bit of a slow-burn until the mayhem of the final act. In fact the script is filled with great characters and an acurate sense of the West as it really was – a violent unpredictable world.  The four leads, Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Richard Jenkins and Mathew Fox give among the best screen performances of their careers. I fully admit being partial to a good Western but BONE TOMAHAWK rises above the genre to a place of great film making.


In addition, there are a few others 2015 films that are worth searching for: FAULTS, BUZZARD, GLASS CHIN, WELCOME TO ME, LONDON ROAD and the documentaries THE SEVEN FIVE and THE NIGHTMARE.


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