By The Wayside – Part Three


The following two films are Urban Tales:


NASTY BABY begins as another film I never wanted to see. A film about hipsters in Brooklyn; in this one three friends are trying to have a baby together. NASTY BABY turns out to be a very good version of that type of film. This being an Urban Tale one must be reminded to be vigilant. During the last ten minutes of NASTY BABY I yelled out loud, I covered my mouth to muffle a second outburst, I was repulsed, I was mad, I cried in empathy for these people I actually liked and I was drained emotionally. I live in the city and it is not always easy.  At times its downright horrifying.


Another interesting Urban Tale this year is HUNGRY HEARTS with Adam Driver and newcomer Alba Rohwacker which begins with the oddest meet-cute scene I could imagine.  Just three words of description: Locked Smelly Bathroom. HUNGRY HEARTS is a love story where the couple meet, marry, have a child and then go crazy.  It’s about taking the responsibilities of raising a newborn to the nth degree. Adam Driver is wonderful at seeing the chaos around him and being protective of his family at the same time. Rohwacker’s commitment, to an unfathomable, indefensible character, results in an unsettling performance that’s hard to shake.  Both actor’s do wonderful work here.



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