By The Wayside – Part Two

At times the wayside can get extremely dark.


Alex Ross Perry’s QUEEN OF EARTH, starring the incredible Elisabeth Moss (MAD MEN), is the next hard to see/must see film of 2015. Perry’s last film, LISTEN UP, PHILLIP, was also a collaboration between the director and actress. Both films are deeply dark character studies with expert writing and acting.  The lead character in either film, Moss in QUEEN OF EARTH and Jonathan Silverman in LISTEN UP, PHILLIP, is extremely unlikable. The film’s tension becomes that much more heightened and dynamic. There is a sense of spontaneity, though I’d bet the films are highly scripted.

QUEEN OF EARTH plays as if Robert Altman’s 3 WOMEN and Ingmar Bergman’s PERSONA were mixed together and then remade as a horror film.  In fact they were horror films of a sort. This the same type of piece examining, with a microscope, the frailties of our psyches. Some may find Perry’s new film inscrutable. That only makes me marvel at it that much more.


Love the homage above to Fassbinder using the same font as the credits for THE MARRIAGE OF MARIA BRAUN.


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