By The Wayside – Part One

There is always that one that got away. It’s bound to happen with all the new product at the year’s end.  In the mix some of the best films of 2015 get pushed to the wayside.  The more savvy film lover has an easier time catching-up than in the past thanks to VOD, Netflix, early Home Video release windows and the Internet.

Beginning with my favorite comedy of the year:


WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, when first described sounded as if the last thing we needed a “vampire comedy mockumentary a la MTV’s Real World.” The film promised to be ghastly.  Actually this format turns out to be a perfect fit allowing for an endless opportunity of gags and situations. The crew wore a crucifix and the vampires agreed not to attack them.  They are an amiable bunch even as they go about satisfying their blood needs. Some of the physical comedy is hysterical and my favorite joke is the explanation why they need virgin’s blood. WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS is even better with repeated viewings and is the film I’ve seen more times this year than any other.





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